Cost Savings

Avail 10% discount on your total bill. The price of medicines is lower than other pharmacies.

Home Delivery

Medicines are delivered to you at your place and time of convenience (within working hours).

Pharmacist Support

* Will be available soon Access to 24/7 pharmacist support. They help on any medicine related queries.

Health Records

Keep all your health records at one place. Access them anytime from anywhere.

Health Information

*Will be available soon Get access to information of the brands prescribed to you. The information is provided to you from pharmaceutical companies.

Refill Prescriptions

Easy refill options of your past prescriptions. Every refill go through your doctor* to ensure that you are on right medication. *service available with select doctors.

IdeaSpace picks top 23 startups - Rxpress Solutions (Makati and India) – A suite of solutions that help patients reduce their medical cost up to 20% and improve doctors’ practice management.

- Manila standard

IdeaSpace picks 23 startups for incubation - Rxpress Solutions – a suite of solutions that help patients reduce their medical cost up to 20 percent and improve doctors’ practice management.

- Tech in Asia

I just wanted to send a note saying thanks to team Rxpress for such a wonderful initiative. I hope you reach to larger communities in the Philippines because it can help Filipinos to manage their health more effectively.I wish you all the success in your endeavors.


- Jennifer Ticalo

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Diabetes and the Filipino Diet

-By Jill Corleone

Diet is an integral part of managing your diabetes, but you may feel you're limited in what you can eat.

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Diabetic friendly and not so friendly Filipino foods

There are many Filipino foods that are diabetic-friendly, according to Filipino Diet for Diabetes. Fruits, vegetables, and legumes are okay for people with diabetes, but the problem lies in the way the food is prepared or how much is consumed.

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Exercise Prevents Heart Disease as Effectively as Expensive Medications

Did you know that exercise is one of the safest, most effective ways to prevent and treat chronic diseases such as heart disease?