Rxpress is a patient centric platform to manage your healthcare needs.

We have created Rxpress platform to simplify your healthcare experience. The platform helps you from booking an appointment with the doctor to buy drugs at discounted prices.

Rxpress helps you to manage your health records online, anytime & anywhere pharmacist support, medical education programs, special programs which entitles you to get free therapies and not only this for every transaction on Rxpress earn you points which you use to buy the products of your choice. To know more about services, please go to Services section.

We are changing the world

  • We will be most trusted healthcare companion

    Our first and foremost responsibility is to do good for the Rxpress users. We care deeply about people and are committed to providing information and access to care that meet the highest standards of safety and validity, and help people take actions to feel good every day. We value and honor the trust of those who use Rxpress. We treat personal information of the individuals with the utmost care and maintain the highest standards of privacy and security

  • We will work with world’s best partners

    We believe in collaboration and recognize that partnership is integral to realizing our vision. We are committed to being a great partner, and to attracting and retaining the world’s best organizations and institutions as collaborators. We care about our partners’ needs and interests and we are committed to their success. If you want to share your vision of providing best possible support for patient care, or you have idea which can help people to simplify their healthcare experience, we want to hear from you.

  • We will build a workplace our employees love

    We are committed to creating and maintaining a place where our employees love to work. We are responsible for ensuring that our employees are treated with care and respect, and they are challenged to achieve their potential. We believe that work can be play, and that working towards a worthy goal is one of the most fulfilling ways to spend our time. We believe that happy fulfilled employees who share a commitment to changing the world will bring fort the creativity and passion needed to fulfill our vision

Our vision is to simplify healthcare experience. .

Healthcare management is one of the most cumbersome processes, and the reason is inefficiency in the existing system. These inefficiencies results in high cost of healthcare which results limited reach of proper healthcare to many. Our mission with this initiative is to make healthcare industry seamlessly integrated and patient centric.

Our research on understanding the challenges faced by patients in existing healthcare system helped us to innovate Rxpress. After speaking to more than eighty-nine people we selected the tope key challenges and trying to solve them. Some of the key one’s are high cost of drugs, poor health record management, and insufficient medical education.

We have introduced an innovative service for you which features one of its kind features.